Rachel McAdams nasceu a 17 de Novembro de 1978,em Toronto,Ontario Canada.
This fragile beauty live in Harbord Village, in the suburbs of Toronto.
Started her career strong with titles like Mean Girls or "The Note Book.
However in 2007 she decided to go away from public life and turned down a lotta movies,like The Devil Wears prada,where she was replaced by Emily Blunt.
When she cameback in 2009 ,her most well role till then was in Wes Craven's ,Red Eye.
After her return she got a role in "Sherlochk Holmes movie franchise".
But before acting,Rachel Mcadams was meant to be a figure Skater.
Only in her teen youth she turned into an actress.
Makes sense...her skin is white like ice and beautifull as figure skating can be.
Delightfull eyes,Irresistable smile,this is Rachel Mcadams....WELCOME BACK!!!

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