Alicia Silverstone nasceu a 4 de Outubro de 1975 em San Francisco,California,USA.
Alicia Silverstone caught the eye as a sexy beautifull blonde babe in Aerosmith video clips,"Crazy", and "Crying".
Diodn t take long for her to hit the big screen in the commedy "Clueless".
Her babyface doll opened her a lotta doors but also made it hard for her to be taken seriously.
usually starring in hollywood comedys and becoming a constant sexy presence at MTV and MTV Awards.
Growing up Alicia did not lost her beauty and continued to be hot sexy and stuning,with constant acting in TV Series.
Lately she s been pointed out for chewing up her baby's food before feedding him ( Yuck )
From Aerosmith baby Doll to grown up Sexy Momma,Alicia Silverstone is on the the hottest most irrsistable woman in the planet..EVER....

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