Ashley Blue,nasceu a 8 de Julho de 1981 nos USA.
She is crazy,with issues against her mom,brain deviated some may say,but she is also one of the most intense capable stunning Porn Actresses.
Ashley Blue won Best Starlett AVN Awar at the age of 18,her first year that launched her as a Porn Star.
Double Penetration,Interracial,Gangbang,Lesbian Bukkake,Bukkake,Rape,Old Men,Old LEsbian,Domination," cocks at the same time in any body hole,Ashley Blue takes it all and even eats spemen from a silver spoon.
Crazy as she is she fried semen as an omelet and serv ed it to arival of hers all ending up in a cat fight.
Also she said she would fuck anyone but a taliban.
Crazy Bitch or Daring no taboos hot woman...maybe a bit of both:

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