Tina Maze,nasceu a 2 de Maio de 1983 em Slovenj Gradec,Eslovenia.
This Beautifull Slovenian Ski Olympic medalist has won over 11 gold medls in the World Cup.
From Giant Slalom to Downhill,Tina MAze is one of the best women Skiers of all time.
Beautifull and naked,she is not afraid to expose herself.

Claudia Toth,nasceu a 24 de Maio de 1981, na Austria.
This sexy beautifull,gorgeous Brunette is a national Team player in the Austrian Curling team.
Unfortuantelly she turned dow a prposal to pose naked for German Playboy.
But thankfully,later she did accep to pose nude for a calendar promoting Curling.

Sabine Liscki,nasceu a 22 de Setembro de 1989 em Troisdorf Alemanha.
This German tennis player is the biggest German hope to regain world crown in WTA after Steffi Graff.
Tall,blonde,cute,Sabine Lisicki can also aim at the crown of hotness and beauty in WTA

Angelique Kerber,nasceu a 18 de Janeiro de 1988 em bremen,Alemanha.
Younger then Sabine Lisicki,but already beated her at Wimbledon.
Also blonde ,hot and pretty...Angelique kerber is a woman to follow in the upcoming years...

Simone Laudehr.nasceu a 12 de Julho de 1986,emRegensburg,Alemanha.
This german international football player plays at Duisburg and is the boss in german midfield national team.
Hot ,Bossy and Powerfull woman.

Svetlana Leonidovna Boginskaya,nasceu a 9 de Fevereiro de 1973 am Minsk,Bielorrussia.
For many years she was the sex symbol of women gymnastic.
Exotic face,hot worked out body,she won several medals in Olympics and woirld Gymanstics including a tema gold medal for Belaruss.
noiwdays she is married with children living in Houston,Texas,USA,escaping her mad president Lukaschenko...

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