Alexis Knapp nasceu a 31 de Julho de 1989,em Allegheny,Pensilvannya,USA.
Blonde or Brunette,but allways irresistable,beautifull and HOT HOT HOT.
Alexis Knapp stole Ryan Phillip from "poor" Reese Witherspoon,fucked him,got a child from him ( Kailani Merizalde Phillippe Knapp) , and allegedlly cheated on him. and dropped...this woman is a WILD CAT on the Loose.
This American actress has entered in some movies and tv shows like:Pitch perfect or Vamp U,but her acting career aint no match yet to her beauty,allthough she already done some naked sex scenes to our drlight.
Alexis Knapp is one of the hottest women on this planet.

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