Katherine Heigl,nasceu a 24 de Novembro de 1978,em Washington D.C. , USA.
Blonde,hot,secure,with social worrys,anti descriminations,Poltical,Frontal,Sexy,BEautifful...who wouldn t love to study this American actress anatomy?
Katherine Heigl,has german and Irish ancestors...raised in Washington D.C. this hot actress done several movies,special commedies but she started in an action movie,Under Siege -2,alongside Steven Seagal.
However its for her role in tc show,Grey's Anatomy she is mostly known.
Nowadays Katherine been trying to get into the big screen again as she left the show.
Also known for fighting anti gay ideas when one of the members of the cast criticized another fellow actor for being gay,and she bursted into flame defending gay rights..ahem..Katherine...we are still waiting for ur naked hot lesbian movie or tv scene..that would be the right way to defend gay/lesbian rights.....ehem..more seriously this woman got brains and beauty...can you handle her?

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