Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon,nasceu a 22de Marlo de 1976,em New Orleans,Louisianna,USA.
Hollywood sweethart actress in the thriller,"Fear",her career stalled a bit after the erotic remake,Cruel Intentions,probably because her beauty was allways so candid and angelic she got attached to sweetie angel kinda characters,roaming now in commedies,more or less good,like Legally Blonde (less) , Four Christmases (more ) and had on 2010 her chance for an OScar in the movie ,Water for elephants.
In 2007 her beauty got her chosen as AVON Products world ambassador.
However Reese did shoot a naked sex scene raising the temperature,and in her usual jogging with tights pants we can see she has a delicious large voluptuos camletoe ( check out reese witherspoon-2 post ).
Married in 1999 to her co-star Ryan Phillipe in Cruel intentions,on 1999,she divorced in 2006,she got married again in 2011 with a talent manager.
Nowadays besides being an actress she is also a TV producer.
On December 2012,she finally gained her star on the sidewalk stars in hollywood and even getting older,to many she is still America's perfect sweetheart.

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