Caitlin lee,nasceu a 13 de Abril de 1993,no Wisconsin,USA.
This Blond coed became Plaboy's coed of the Week on the 26th of May,2011 at 18 of age.
Here s a brief Q&A qith this future nurse.
Caitlin Lee is the Playboy Coed of the Week for May 26 2011. Caitlin is a sexy blonde babe studying nursing at University of Wisconsin.

Q&A with Caitlin Lee

Playboy: How crazy has your college experience been so far?
Caitlin: I skipped school on my 18th birthday to audition… for Playboy in Chicago! I was able to do something that I’ve wanted to do forever.

Playboy: Have you always been the youngest student in class?
Caitlin: I graduated high school early and decided that I wanted to go right ahead and start college. I’ve always been grown up and mature for my age, so I was ready to get out and start living life.

Playboy: How’s that working out? Are you involved in campus extracurriculars?
Caitlin: Does flirting count? I have a very busy schedule with work and working out but if I had more time, I would start a boxing or kickboxing class. I’ve been boxing for about three years now, and I absolutely love it!

CALEDONIA COTTON,nasceu em Portland,Oregon,USA,
And from Oregon comes another Playboy sexy model.with a lazy bed looking in her eyes and a voluptuose body she turns you head over feet.

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